On a daily basis

It’s the same routine everyday before work, but my favourite part of my routine is doing my make up, you might think that’s odd, but I actually love doing my make up even if it is the same each day (except from days off)

On average it takes me about 25 minutes to do my hair and makeup ready for the day, all i do to my hair is straighten it,  but my make up involves the whole jazz.


Everday Make up products

Firstly I use my Aveeno daily moisturizer this has been a huge help with my face’s dryness. While waiting I do my brows, I use NYX dip pomade, out of my routine this takes the longest to do, it’s like putting on eyeliner one side looks great the other doesnt and you try to correct it then all of a sudden you have slug eyebrows.

My must have primer iimg_1766s my L’Oreal infallible priming base, ill tell you why this is my favorite product later. Once this is applied I then use my all-purpose eyeshadow pallet by Morphe 35W, although there are 35 colours to choose from, hence the name, I always find myself using the same ones, I try to mix it up a little bit so one day I might do a slighter darker look and another day i might do a lighter look, but overall I love using the palette it has everything I need. For my everyday look I use a mix of dark and light browns, and add a little bit of a brown shimmer. Can’t forget the eyeliner, I use NYX matte liquid liner and create a little flick at the end. For my mascarra use a larger wand as i prefer volume for my eyelashes, for this i use Maybelline colossal.

Next I do my foundation, ive have been searching for my go to foundation and I have tried lots of different makes, but my L’Oreal 24 hour matte waterproof foundation has worked really well. I wanted something full coverage and long-lasting, having img_1779used the primer that goes hand in hand with the foundation it does provide coverage for the day. You can purchase it at superdrug and boots at a really affordable price.


Nearly done now , next I apply some contour I use one shade and apply lightly, along with a small dose of blusher to bring some colour in. I use Make up revolution, blush, contour and highlight palette, have a look at my review here!


To finish it off is of course a lipstick, I use my NYX Lingerie as they are more everday colours that suit the look. Once all done, I use Make Up Revoltuion pro fix fising spray and spray a three time across my face.

So that’s it, my daily products I use to do my everyday make up. If you want to see my makeup looks let me know in the comments.


Lily Loolaa xx

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