Retro Luxe

A new trend has started lip contouring, it’s similar to face contouring; being able to change the look of your lips by shading them or highlighting certain points. Given an illusion of bigger lips or thinner lips and so on.

Lip contouring involves using a lip pencil to build shape, it’s not like it was before where you draw your lip line and then fill the rest. You don’t have to use a lip pencil a lipstick or some form of lipstick would work just fine as long as it’s a lighter shade than you’re using to create the overall look.

Since Kylie Jenner released her lip kits, there seem to be lip kits in the air. And me for one couldn’t wait to get hold of one. I’m not bothered by having Kylie’s lipkit, I wanted a reasonable priced lipkit, my idea of a lipkit is a lipstick (mainly matte) and a lip pencil both of a similar shade. Beginning of the year one brand I write a lot about; Make up Revolution created Retro Luxe lip kit, there’s 8 different colours, from nudes to pinks and purples and also a dark turquoise. Each kit contained a matte liquid lipstick with a matching lip pencil. I couldn’t wait to try it out myself… only problem was being able to find one!


Finally found the lip kits! Grandee and Reign

I did have to order online my local superdrug stores didn’t have any, apparently they have been flying of the shelves, I asked superdrug to send me a e-mail when they were back in stock and within a few days they have stock online.

I brought Reign and Grandee, both everyday colours, Reign is a neutral nude, and Grandee is a pretty pink. I didn’t have much time to fully test them when I received them but I did of course swatch the colours on my hand and the swatches lasted for ages, I did end up having to use soap to properly clean them off, so far so good – first thoughts these will be a long-lasting lipstick.


Reign on the left and Grandee on the righ

The ultimate test for make up, for me is if it can last all day a work, a 9 hour day. Time to put to the test. I decided to use Reign as my work wear lipstick, it did take a few minutes to dry properly like a normal liquid lipstick; sticky until dry. I don’t tend to reapply make up throughout the day as I normally don’t have much time to do it, which is why I love something long-lasting. I checked on my first break –  about 2 hours into my day and was pleased to see I didn’t need to reapply, it was still on. Another 3 hours passed and i was on my next break, I did notice towards the inner lips it had worn out but it didn’t look silly, I would’ve re-applied but it wasnt too noticeable, if it was a stronger colour I would’ve needed to apply more. After I finished work I there was still some lipstick on, so after a 9 hour day it was still noticeable on my lips, there was a bit of wear but not too much.


Overall this product is a great purchase, a lip pencil, a liquid lipstick for only £6 I really don’t think you can fault this, with 8 shades there’s enough choice to give it a go yourself. I do hope Makeup Revolution bring out some more colours in the future.

Whats your favourite liquid lipstick?


Lily Loolaa xx


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