NYX Lingerie – Liquid Lipstick

I put my hands up, I am obsessed with lipstick, you can never have too many, for me they really finish off the look. Recently my collection is becoming filled with matte liquid lipsticks, especially from NYX.


From left to right: embellishment, push-up, lace detail and exotic


Last year NYX finally launched in the UK, after waiting for ages I couldn’t wait to try their products, I brought my first liquid lipstick from their Lingerie collection and now I just want them all. The lingerie collection are perfect nudes, some with pink tones, and red tones, ideal for everyday use.

I started off with Push – up and I was using it everyday, the colour lasted nearly all day  without a touch up and it wasn’t too much of a statement, it was my perfect nude, a light brown with a more pink tone. Next I added lace detail, similar to push-up but much lighter still holding a pink tone, another one I was using for everyday use.


Lip lingerie swatches

After using these colours almost everyday, I decided i wanted to more daring, and embellishment was calling my name, a purple lipstick. I’ve used a deep purple/red lipstick before but this was much more of a rich-toned purple, it’s not one I use everyday but for a night out it looks gorgeous.

Only the other day I purchased my latest lingerie, exotic. I have to admit I don’t own many reddish lipsticks, I have a few dark deep reds, but not a proper red, this means I need to buy one. Exotic has been calling me, it’s a lovely red, not vibrant nor dark, a nude red. bizarre as it sounds it keeps in with the nude theme. I really love exotic its the 12th lip lingerie of the collection and probably my favorite so far.


When using my lip lingerie or any matte liquid lipstick, I put on vaseline or a lip balm to give moisture because they do really dry out your lips, just something that works for me.

NYX has recently released 12 new colours to add to their collection, it’s not in my local store just yet, but once it’s here ill will definitely buy more; sultry as NYX calls them; nudes.

Let me know if you love NYX lingerie collection


Lily Loolaa xx

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