Blush, contour and highlight

Who doesn’t love a good highlighter, or even a few of them well for me my collection was very small, I had two highlighters (I know right!) this wasn’t that bad compared to my blush collection only one. I knew I had to stop collecting eyeshadow palettes and buy myself more make up, but what i actually need.


Ultimate Blush and Light and Contour Palette

My hand quickly became a foundation of glitter and my arm looked like I had pink rashes everywhere, problem was i never remember what i sampled, and kept going back and forward testing, sampling and trying different highlights and blushes. Finally i found what i have been searching for a palette filled with contour browns, glittery highlights and perfect pink blushes, 32 of them – what is my obsession with palettes.


32 ranges of colour to choose from!

Perfect, a brand I love. Make up Revolution – Ultimate blush and Light and Contour Palette. Having used make up revolution before, I knew it was affordable and has nice pigments.

Theres so many colours it’s so hard to choose which one to wear but what I found when swatching was some colours were gorgeous for summer and some wonderful for winter, so an all year round, for all occasion palette. Some has little flecks of glitter that i just loved.


On the back of the packaging it said, this collection if perfect for experimenting and trying different looks and I couldn’t agree more, if you’re looking for something affordable with great range i would definitely recommend.



Can’t wait to try different looks with this collection



Lily Loolaa xx


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