Just do it!

I havent posted for quite some time now, with christmas on the way I’ve been so busy, and the typical cold coming around ive been a bit under the weather… but I’ve stopped with the procrastination and finally started a new blog post.

Anyway recently life seems to be getting in the way, and work – over christmas seems to be more stressful but I havent really had a moment to stop and breathe, with lots going on I needed an uplift. I decided to dig out and start top to bottom in my photos, looking through some memories but what I was really looking for was a quote, a really good quote that kept me positive.

The really good quote that I adore I save to my phone so when I need a smile I would have a look through my photo’s.

I’m reminded about the everyday ones  such as; everything happens for a reason a.k.a my life motto, no explanation needed. The other one is; there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s just sometimes these just seems so easy to remember that I also forget them.

I needed a power quote or reminder, something that will help me embrace those obstacles.

Close your eyes and imagine you’re a 80-year-old who regrets not tackling all the obstacles you wanted in life. When you feel like that old man, say to yourself ‘I wish I was young again’ open your eyes and look your young again.

This is what I have been searching for, I tend not to regret things I’ve done, but I don’t want to ever regret thing’s I didn’t do, I’m young I can still do them, I’m not talking about skydiving or climbing a mountain, for me its the small things such as calling my friend and asking if they would like to go out for coffee, or taking that opportunity. Even asking for some help, for me when I feel scared or nervous I think about this. It might not be your typical pick me up quote but it reminds me to just do it!

You may not call it a quote, more like a paragraph but it’s something that made me stop and think.


Lily Loolaa xx

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