Mill gift market

I just love country walks, especially the scenary and this time of year is my absolute favourite. Today I went to a gift market which was basically an early Christmas market filled with quaint little gifts for everybody, it really put my in the spirit for Christmas. A short walk through some leaves and past the mill it made a lovely October day.

I live so close to the mill yet today was the first time I had a walk around and it certainly won’t be the last.

The Mill house

Autumn is really the season of change and colour, it the season I think most people love even if they say they don’t. Taking walks like this reminds me of the things I love about England – the nature.


Today really set me off for my Christmas shopping, I’m really excited to go to more markets; unique gifts, mulled wine and a jolly atmosphere.

Mill shop

My autumn has been quite different this year Visiting Rhodes wasn’t the average British autumn.

Do you love autumn? If so what do you love about it?


Lily Loolaa xx

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