It’s appy time

They say there are two types of people when it comes to your phone apps and how it looks on the screen, there’s the ones who like to keep things nice and organized in a folder and then there’s those who like to have their apps all over the screen. Me? well i’m in between, I like certain folders but my favourite apps are the ones who have the privilege to be on my home screen. So who are those lucky apps?  Here’s my top 5 countdown!

Number 5 – YouTube

It’s not just music YouTube is used for, you can find so much, yes of course I love to listen to music, but I do love a good make up tutorial or a random funny video, I know i can find it here, oh and i do admit I love a self karaoke night, me, myself and youtube, singing away to a 2009 song; I completely forgot about till I saw it on youtube but still knowing the lyrics.

Number 4 – DailyMail

Okay, yes I am a DM reader, only reason being I need to read the news in the morning, it’s a habit, pick up my phone first thing I do is read the news, keeps me informed with the world, no explanation needed.

Number 3 – Twitter

It has to be up there doesn’t it, who doesnt love twitter, the chance to maybe be noticed by a celebrity, the chance to say OMG THEY RETWEETED MY TWEET – ultimate Fangirl moment. Nope still hasn’t happened to me haha. I always need a tweet to make me laugh, its one of those places where you’re looking at a tweet then suddenly your on interesting facts and reading interesting tweets.

Number 2 – Buzzfeed

YAASSSS TO THIS APP! Buzzfeed all in one, perfect. I follow every Buzzfeed site on Facebook there always popping up, the app just makes life easier, need a laugh watch a buzzfeed video, want to know what type of cheese you ar do a buzzfeed quiz, general news, go onto buzzfeed, want to know how to do rainbow hair im sure buzzfeed can help. It defiantly has a place on my home screen.

Number 1 – Pintrest

Lets just say, if you want an organised internet than here’s the place, keep everything you want on guess what…yes a pinboard, have different pinboards, keep them private or share them, easy as that. I love finding anything I want, I use the search bar so often, from simple hacks, to make up tricks, it give’s you ideas and videos, and then something I always like to look at is gift ideas, for when your stuck buying for someone who is difficult to buy for. Since finding Pintrest I’ve grown to love it even more.

These are the apps that are always draining my battery, but they’ll always have a home on my home screen. 

Do you have a favorite app?


Lily Loolaa xx

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