Hello Rhodes!

Finally Monday early morning arrived, when I say early lets just say I had no sleep and my i left my house at 2:30am, so early. I couldn’t sleep i had too much excitement my first holiday with my best friend, something i had been looking forward to since the day we booked it.

October was the perfect time for me, blue sky everyday with the weather being around 24 degrees it was ideal for a mini tan but perfect for exploring the country aswell.

We stayed in Kolymbia which was on the front of a lovely stoney beach, it made a lovely walk on one of our days. With local buses it was so easy to jump on and visit a different town.


The beach just outside of our hotel

First place was Rhodes.  My first sight of the up close and my gosh it was stunning, so pure and crisp, not like the ones in England. I decided to walk along thinking we could walk past the statue but just as we got to the end we realised it was a dead-end, but it was okay because it meant we got to walk back again.


Old Town Rhodes


Blue sky, blue water


Windmill in the middle

Walking around the sea was so peaceful, the sun was shining, a nice breeze every now and then, we walked around a little market which sold different tourist bits as well.

Next on the list was Lindos, I’ve been wanting to go so much, as soon as we booked Greece I was looking forward to the scenic Lindos.

Little pebble paths and steps lead to more little alleys with pebble paths, pristine white walls covered with pink flowers, so picturesque and postcard ready.


Small little alleys lead from one to another


Perfect pink flowers, looking so pretty

We walked all the way through the little place and walked down a long hill to the stunning beach, it was a smaller part of the beach, but still had the great view.


Pristine water

My favourite part of the trip was the boat ride, it was only a small boat and carried about 12 of us in total, we went from Kolymbia beach and rode for about an hour taking in all the breath-taking views, from the mountains to the water and the beaches, on the way back we stopped at Red Sands beach and had 45 minutes in the water and my gosh it was so good, just to swim in what felt like the middle of the sea. After that we rode a bit further down to Tsampika Beach, this beach has a large Greek flag layer on the top of a hill, very clear to see from far away. By far this was my favourite activity, the water was pristine and so clear, loved every minute.


Red Sands


Red Sands water


Favourite picture out of them all

I really enjoyed the Greek Island, it’s a really pretty place with lots to do

Have you visited Greece before, let me know!


Lily Loolaa x

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