Make Up Revolution – Fortune Favours the Brave

It was about time I brought this palette it’s so cheap (£9.99) i don’t know why i didn’t buy  it any sooner. So I decide that this weekend I’ll purchase it then I can let you guys know what i think.

It was a lovely crisp 1st October morning and I thought ahh I’ll take my dog for a walk and on my way I’ll go to my local superdrug and pick up the palette, I wore a cute skirt with a warm jumper thinking yes this is what autumn is about, I was so excited to try this palette but on my way walking the dog didn’t it have to rain, and then hail! Like seriously why! Typical english weather – I got absolutely soaked just to get this palette so it had to be worth it!


Make Up Revolution – Forune Favours The Brave

I’ve been seeing a few bloggers trying this palette and I’ve seen make up revolution become increasingly popular. I love a bargain me, but I was a bit sceptical at first with this palette because I find you pay for what you get but it’s it cheap and does the job then its a win win.


30 vairous matte’s and shimmer’s to choose from

I love the amount of variety with Fortune Favours the Brave there are 30 colours to choose from some being matte and some being glittery, when I first saw this palette the ones that grabbed my attention was the marble effect, oh they look so pretty, I noticed the dark purple/pink and it remind me of a planet – what a coincidence it was called lonely planet.


Each colour has their own name

I always use my own brushes for my eyeshadow purely because they do what I need them to do but the brush that it came was actually good one side was more a thick flat brush which I used  for my crease and the other side was a bigger open brush was which ideal for blending. I know for one I love it when there’s a mirror on the inside of any make up and this had a lovely full mirror perfect for on the go use.


Loved the collaboration with British Beauty Blogger

When I went to work I decided to use the palette and see how it goes, I used mainly the matte’s in the brown shade (buffer, caffeine fix and latte) but needed some shimmer so used golden coins, and I was very pleased with the pigment off them all and really liked the overall look. I checked on my break so about 4 hours after application to see what my make up looked like and it was still there, a little bit has come off but i have seen worse before. Just a side note, while I’m writing this i did just take a picture to see what it looks like 12 hours later and my eyeliner is the only part that has really failed me, my eyeshadow is kinda there i can see some shimmer.

So overall, I am looking forward to trying more of their products, Imwas hesitant at first but I’m glad i purchased it. I’ve already got an eye on what I’m getting next. Let me know if you’ve tried make up revelation and what you thought of it.

Much Love,

Lily xx


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