The Pandora Essence Collection


All my charms on my essence collection bracelet

I adore Pandoras jewellery its so elegant and it can be dressed up or dressed down, its personal, and unique to you! You have the standard pandora bracelet with dozens of charms to choose from to fit all occasions and they bring new ones out each season. The latest rose gold collection is too die for, absolutely gorgeous (adding that to my christmas list) a mix of copper, gold and silver to give it that perfect rose gold.


Without charms generosity and strength 

But by far my favourite collection has to be the essence collection, each charm is not only stunning but they each have different meanings behind them, which really adds to the  personal touch.

My mum brought my first bracelet for my 16th birthday and from then it was history – you can tell how much i love these bracelets. My first charm was a marble effect, the charm caught my eye but the meaning caught my attention – positivity – my favourite word, this charm just screamed LILY!


First charm my favourite positivity 

Over time i was adding to the bracelet, one by one, marking an end to something or a new beginning it really was a memory bracelet that was pieces of my life. Each charm represented something i went through or a word that matched my character (they still need a sassy charm, cause i will own that gurl)

The charms start from around £25 and up to £55, nicely hand finished with sterling silver. They are are a really good price for what you are getting. They suggest to have around 7 to 9 charms on a essence bracelet which doesn’t fill it up but leaves room to make them look pretty together.


My complete collection

So for my 18th birthday my dad finished of the pie by buying me what is possibly my last two charms of my personal collection and now i do believe it is complete.

From left to right – positivity, freedom, Leo (zodiac sign/start sign), health, love, happiness, hope, strength, generosity.

Let me know if you have a pandora and what ones you have,

Much Love,

Lily x


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